We stand for human rights

Everything cannot be neglected. If no one says anything, the machinery of machination will deteriorate our cases.

Dan Philip

Stand with us

The Coalition takes its origin from the Black Coalition of Canada since 1969, in defence of human rights and social justice. The Coalition is at the service of all community groups and individuals in defence of their right to equal justice. While the activities of the Coalition are mostly concentrated in Quebec, it gives services to Canada as a whole. The excellent work of the Coalition is being portrayed in the U.S, Africa, the Caribbean. Clients from foreign countries often call for information and service. Learn more »

Our services

The Black Coalition of Quebec is the only organization that provides a Human Rights service on a daily basis to the members of the Black and cultural communities.Learn more »

The Black Coalition of Quebec offers free Legal Clinic Services. Learn more »

The Black Coalition’s project Integration Jeunesse is a program that helps young people aged 16 to 30 who have difficult to find a job to enter the labor market. Learn more »

You are victims of racism, discrimination, racial profiling and other injustices. You are arrested without justification or abused by the police or any officer in authority. Learn more »