Board of directors

Président de la ligue des noirs du Quebec

Max Stanley Bazin


Dan Philip

Honorary President

Dan Philip’s life is profoundly linked to the motto of the Black Coalition of Quebec, “We Stands For Human Rights, Stand With Us”. A passionate man of action, Dan Philip is characterized by his fight for the disadvantaged, to ensure that justice prevails every-where at all times.

In his many speeches to young and other audiences, he never fails to mention the very principle that guides his own life; the words of Dr Martin Luther King Jr., “An injustice anywhere is an injustice every where”; also the word of Judge Thurgood Marshall “Its the law, but is it just?”; or yet the word of Senator Robert Kennedy “Some people see things as they are and ask “why”, but I see things that never were and ask “why not?”.

Convinced that the fight for the promotion of Human Rights and the vested respect of individual constitute the basis for society, Mr. Dan Philip fights on all fronts in order to affect the imperative social changes which would engender a more equitable society. A fervent of “window and the orphan”, he remains a champion of Human Rights, a cause to which he devotes all his energy.

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