No to Police Brutality No to Injustice

The Black Coalition of Quebec has heard of the recent events leading to the death of yet another young black man in the United States. It is sadly a recurrent news that should not happen in the US, Canada, or anywhere else in the world.

Police brutality is still very present in 2020 and the Black Coalition of Québec has repeatedly been vocal in denouncing it and fighting against this injustice. Watching the events going on without speaking out is being complicit in them.

There has been an excessive and unjustified use of violence. Mr. Floyd was a victim of torture. The acts committed by the Minneapolis Police Department were inhumane.

The Black Coalition of Quebec condemns torture as well as police brutality in all its forms and supports those who choose to protest it. “An injustice anywhere is an injustice everywhere.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

It is not acceptable that the police, who is meant to serve and protect all citizens, ends up being the one hurting, brutalizing and killing. The police officers involved must be prosecuted.

The people want justice and it is perfectly understandable.

The Black Coalition of Quebec supports those who protest.

It took George Floyd 10 minutes to die. No one deserves to die this way. It is not an accident. When a person pleads for air and you keep strangling them it is torture. To engage in torture is to want consequences.

Many have been witnesses to the public torture leading to the death of George Floyd. He pleaded for his life. The police ignored him.

Police brutality hurts and kills every year around the world. Montreal is not an exception. The Black Coalition of Quebec has had to recently take the city of Montreal to Court because of discriminations perpetuated by police officers. We all wish for the family of George Floyd to be able to find peace and justice in these hard times.

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