The Black Coalition of Quebec takes account the history of the Black community and expresses its outreach over the Racist Remarks of Donald Trump

On this Martin Luther King Day, it is the responsibility of the Black Coalition of Quebec to express its concerns over Donald Trump racist remarks towards Haitians, Africans and Salvadorans. Donald Trump is ignorant of the past and contemporary history of his own country. He ignores that Freedom Fighters (approximately 1500) known as “Volunteer Hunters”, who came from Santo Domingo, the future Haiti, and participated in the Savannah Battle, in Georgia, that led to the independence of the United States.

When Donald Trump talks about immigrants who can make a contribution, he overlooks the fact that Black immigrants which he declare as unwanted make a major contribution to healthcare as doctors or nurses, and also a productive forces in the United States.

Donald Trump’s open and brutal attacks should make us realize how our Black community as a whole could be victim of the racist behavior of this president. The United States President acts as a Ku Klux Klan leader and destroys the little confidence that we had in the leadership of the United States.

He should know that Western countries together exploited Africa’s Human Resources through slavery followed by stealing the Natural Resources of Africa for their own benefit, while committing rape and genocide. Destroying the lives and security of 200 million Africans slaves who perished through the Middle Passage.
The United Nations declared the genocide and crimes of Western World towards Africans is A Crime Against Humanity.

The racist Donald Trump continues to promote this crime against the Black Community A Crime Against Humanity.

Donald Trump in his ignorance ignores that the United States occupation of Haiti contributes to the plighted of this country. Former President Clinton declared that Haiti is in the backyard of the United States, that being so. The United States have controlled the destiny of Haiti since the occupation of this country by the United States.

We are asking the Canadian Government to intervene and protect the refugees from Haiti and elsewhere who have fallen victims to Donald Trump racist polices. We cannot consider the United States as a protector of Black people seeking refuge from Natural Disasters or Political Prosecutions.

We in the Black Coalition of Quebec are asking the Government of Canada to follow the examples of Former Prime Ministers Pierre Elliot Trudeau and Brian Mulroney who granted amnesty to refugees of the Black community who were in Canada.

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