Thursday, July 18, 2024



It is with great sadness that the Black Coalition of Quebec informs its members and the public, both Quebecers and Canadians, of the death that occurred on Monday, 01-04-2024, of Dan Philip, the former president of the Black Coalition of Quebec. His sudden death will leave no one indifferent because he was not only a distinguished character recognized for his commitment and his fight for justice and the defense of rights.

He represented and exercised leadership that positively changed the face of the Black Coalition for several decades by championing the aspirations of the Black community. A true pillar of the community, Dan Philip represented not only the Afro-descendants, but an ideal. This ideal embodies the value of “true living together” with respect for the particularities and characteristics of all.

Now he leaves life, He bequeaths us an enormous legacy for an even more remarkable involvement and the continuation of actions in favor of the promotion and defense of fundamental freedoms in Quebec.

Mr. Dan Philip was a man of conviction and tirelessness, always ready to give of his time and to express frankly what he thought of bad deeds or social abuses, contrary to the public interest. He has been and remains a source of inspiration and will remain in the collective memory, for his constancy and remarkable patience. Where others would have given up the fight for justice, Dan Philip was determined, convinced that he would carry out his mission to the ultimate sacrifice.

Through his ability to collaborate with a spirit of synergy, he did not hesitate to join forces with other resource organizations in the framework of strategic alliances, forming a united force to move forward: This detail reminds us of the greatness of the character and man who thought first and foremost of the common good of the community. Black coalition and its members bow to the will of the Lord who has decided to recall him by snatching him from our affection.

The details of his funeral will be the subject of another joint discussion later.

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